Frequently Asked Questions

When does NCRSA play?
NCRSA teams play in the fall.  For all divisions except Minors; practices begin August 19th  and games will begin August 31st for the 2019 season. Games continue through October. Teams playing in-house normally play 8 games. However that number may vary depending on the number of teams within a division.

What ages can play in NCRSA? 
Pancakes Divison 2012 Birth Years 

Muffin Division 2011 & 2010 Birth Years

Fruit Division 2009 & 2008 Birth Years

French Toast Division 2007 & 2006 Birth Years


P.O. Box 1105

Mason, Ohio 45040

Where do the teams play?

Countryside YMCA located at 1699 Deerfield Rd. Lebanon, Ohio.

What do the parents need to provide?
NCRSA provides each player with a jersey, shorts and socks.  Every player needs bring a soccer ball, shin guards and a water bottle. Cleats are not required but strongly recommended. When the fields are wet the grass can be very slippery!  Cleats can not have a toe cleat.

Please label your child's ball and water bottle!

Can I request my child be placed on a team with a specific coach or player?
The only exception is that siblings playing in the same division may be placed on the same team, providing they meet any gender restriction.

What are the fees and what is included?

Currently the registration fee is $79.99 per player with a family maximum of $160.00.

Each registered player will receive a jersey, shorts and socks.

How long are the games and how many players per team? 

Pancakes Divison 2012 Birth Years (2 - 20 minute halves)

Muffin Division 2011 & 2010 Birth Years (2 - 25 minute halves)

Fruit Division 2009 & 2008 Birth Years ( 2 - 30 minute halves)

French Toast Division 2007 & 2006 Birth Years (2 - 30 minute halves)

When does registration begin for fall?
Registration begins June 11th and will end August 1st*.   Registration must be completed online. Payments must be made online.  Registration is NOT complete until payment has been received.

* This date may change based on the number of registrations.  Late fees will be assessed for registrations received after the cutoff date. The cutoff date is TBD and will be announced on the website

What is NCRSA's weather policy?

NCRSA games will be played as scheduled unless extreme weather conditions exist.
In case of inclement weather, the field referees can make the call to cancel a game at the field. If unsafe conditions develop at the field, either before or during a match, the referee(s) will stop play. In the event of electrical storms, play shall stop immediately and will resume only when sufficient time has elapsed to ensure that the storm has passed. Parents should assist the referee(s) by watching for lightning when storm conditions exist. All coaches and players should come to the field, unless the coach is notified prior to game time by a NCRSA Official.

If a parent requests their child leave the field because they are uncomfortable with the weather or field conditions, the coach should honor the parent’s request to remove the child.

In extreme cases, NCRSA officials may decide to cancel games. Conditions which may result in game cancellations include severe wet weather, extreme cold or snow. Should that occur, emails will be sent out to the coaches. The coaches should then contact the parents notifying them of the cancellations.


What is NCRSA's refund policy?
Due to the cost incurred for uniforms, league and insurance fees, no refunds shall be made after August 1st. All requests must be made in writing and sent to:

Attn:  Refund Request
PO Box 1105
Mason OH 45040

 Each request must include:

1.    Name of player
2.    Date of birth
3.    Reason for refund

 Approved refunds will be completed within 90 days of receipt of the request.
Refunds will be granted for the following exceptions:

· Players who cannot participate due to an injury prior to August 1st. A doctor’s verification must be included with the request

· NCRSA was unable to place a player on a team

Refunds will NOT be granted for the following reasons:

· Coach dissatisfaction
· Schedule/time conflicts